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Sue Moorcroft - Street Team

When a reader and Facebook friend, Louise St, posted on my Facebook author page that I should have a street team, and she'd like to be on it, my natural curiosity led me to research the subject on the internet. I discovered that:

  • A street team is made up of enthusiastic readers who want to talk about, and to, a favourite author.
  • They want to be the first to hear news, and talk about it, to help both author and publisher by spreading the word about special offers, awards shortlistings, or any other news and gossip.
  • A street team simply harnesses the enthusiasm of readers.
  • Truthfully, a street team can be anything you want it to be.
There's a lot more general information about street teams available, which you can search for easily on the internet.

There's a private Facebook group for Team Sue Moorcroft members. It's quick and easy for team members to share information from there.

I asked a few team members if they'd like to share with us what they like about being members of Team Sue Moorcroft. And here's what they said:

Tracy: Being asked to be part of #teamsuemoorcroft is very exciting. It's great I can interact with one of my favourite authors and like-minded people.

Louise St: Being able to Interact with an author whose work you thoroughly enjoy is not only great fun but inspiring too!

Louise Sp: For me, it's an honour to be part of the Street Team as I've been an avid reader of Sue's books for a long while now. It goes without saying, I am also a huge fan and being able to interact with Sue and help to get more people reading her books is fantastic!

Anne Williams, 'Being Anne' (blog): I wanted to be part of your street team because there's nothing I like better than spreading the word about authors and books I love - if they've given me such pleasure, I love being able to share it. And if I can also share 'breaking news', people who trust my judgement by now will appreciate that extra information. I'd also like to see you selling a lot more books and reaching loads of new readers!

The team gives me a lovely warm glow whenever I think about it. Thank you to each and every team member.

If you think that you might like to be a member of Team Sue Moorcroft, too, just click the button above. It would be a pleasure to hear from you.